Countdown to Adventure

In just twelve days the home I have lived in for more than twenty years will be on the market and I will be on a plane headed to Kathmandu and parts beyond to complete a long-anticipated trek to the sacred mountain, Kailash and the holy lake, Manasarovar, in Tibet. Rumor has it that I and my traveling companions will get there only to be turned away as the Chinese are considering whether or not to close the border between Tibet and Nepal. It is a big unknown. Here, amidst moving boxes, looking at the to-do notes that have more action items than Wonder Woman’s shopping list, I realize that I don’t know what awaits me there, or thereafter. This thought is a little scary. No, a lot scary. Having always been someone who needed to know the shape of things to come, the circumstances of my life have taught me that there is really no such thing as certainty or permanence in any of life’s arenas-job, family, friends, health. There is merely a current status and our expectations. There are, simply, no guarantees. For me, this realization was a very profound awakening beginning the first night I slept alone after my husband cleared the closet of his things and moved out. Over the months following that first night, the end of my 37-year marriage would be very public history, several beloved family members would be dead, my position at work would be made redundant, and I would be closely monitored for a possible diagnosis of congestive heart failure.  As I set about to reorganize the daily routine, reevaluate my roles within my relationships, and redirect my life’s purpose, there came the first of many moments when I had to face the utter dissolution of that for which I had dreamed, hoped and worked. It was one of my life’s bleakest moments. It turned out to be one of its most fruitful moments as well. This blog is a testament to the gift that we are given–the opportunity to simply be alive to the adventure that is our very lives unfolding in front of us.  This adventure, truly lived, is not for the faint-hearted (pun intended!). It is as an amazing woman told me bluntly one morning while we worked out side by side: “Every day, when you wake up there are only two choices-live or die. There is no third option. Make up your mind, Rochelle. You make the choice. We all do.”  Well, I choose to live this adventure of my life at the crossroads of its changes with all of the attendant risks and rewards, and I invite you to come along on this caravansary. As the poet, Mary Oliver wrote:  “the world offers itself to  your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting, over and over announcing your place in the family of things.”  It is my hope that you will share your spirit with me, and that we will be fellow travelers in Life’s adventures. “Buen Camino, peregrino, and Tashey delay”

1 thought on “Countdown to Adventure

  1. ErikaDP

    This post is totally Awesome! And I am so proud to know and to love you my sister! Much Love and Safe Travels!


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